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What's the conductive rubber connector?
2015-11-11 11:06:00长盈通 admin
Conductive rubber connector conductive rubber connector, commonly known as the zebra, made of conductive silicone rubber and silicone insulation and alternating layered after vulcanization molding.
Conductive rubber connector is stable and reliable, the production and assembly is simple and effective. Widely used in liquid crystal display connected with the circuit board game machine, telephone, electronic watches, calculators, instruments and other products. The following is the strip profile: YDP- single side foam, sponge foam insulation, the three sides have conductive function. YL- zebra is conductive in the most common and most commonly used to a strip, it is surrounded by conductive function. YSP- double-sided foam strips is conductive adhesive strip in the most ordinary a rubber strip, rubber strips on both sides of the a foaming sponge, with good insulation performance. YS- transparent sandwich, on both sides of dark gray transparent silicone has insulating function and hardness than other types of rubber strip relative to some hard. Characteristics of the YY- printing type. This type of conductive rubber strip is in the conductive layer is coated on the surface of a layer of insulating material, use not with the metal casing is caused by a short circuit. When the thickness of the adhesive strip is thin, the thickness of the conductive layer can be guaranteed. YDM- insulation tape, adhesive tape for all insulation. (commonly used colors are light blue, white, red, transparent color)


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