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Making method of serial connection line
2016-01-25 19:28:30长盈通 admin
The use of a variety of connections are often encountered in the line. The connecting line appearance seems to have almost, but the internal structure is completely different and can not mix. If these connections are broken, often a lot of users don't know what to do, and the following are the ways to connect the lines to repair or find faults. Prior to the introduction of a number of commonly used terms to explain the market. Now all the joints can be divided into two categories, the male and the female. Male: refers to all needle type joint. Female: refers to all slot type connector. All the joints of the pin has a unified regulation, the joints are printed on the good, the connection should pay attention to view. No pins are left hanging in the connection. Here are the serial port, parallel port each pin function table for advanced users to maintain the cable or connector when using.


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