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Introduction of DC wire specification and safety rules
2016-01-25 19:36:32长盈通 admin
Power line (flexible Cords and cable) safety requirements stipulated in the CSA Standard c22.2 No. in 49-98 edition, in order to make the readers in front of the R & D and manufacturing can understand the relevant requirements, hereby to label it, structure and safety testing three most do the following description and introduction. Marked (Marking)
The wires marked (mandatory): wire 610 mm must occur at least once. 1 (company name or CSA contract number, logged trademark / business name). 2 temperature level (greater than the minimum temperature must be printed on the wire).   
3 types of wire, wire diameter and number (such as SPT-2 16AWGX3C). Note: CSA standard Non-integral (double insulation) can not be labeled "NI" on the online material, this standard only as a structural difference only.   
4. Combustion grade (FT1, ft2 or FT4 and wire if with FT4 or VW-1 need not be marked FT1 and ft2, if conforms to the FT1 could not marked ft2). Wire marked (in any of the following cases shall be printed)
VW-1SC is the core wire of the wire to single wire (finished goods) through the vertical burning test now UL in 2005, has asked to cancel printing VW-1SC through vertical burning test mean VW-1!!!!!!!!!   
1.SJOOW SOW,... Etc. outdoor line, temperature level at -40 Deg. C mark. 2 cover should be printed on the "SHIELDED".   
If the 3 conductor is a steel wire, should be printed on the "STEEL CORE".   
4 if the material is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), should be printed on the "TPE insulation and jacket".   
5.SPT-1, spt-2, SPT-3, and HPN with ground, "green with for fitted only" or "green with with yellow and for fitted only".   
The wires marked (non mandatory): when the customer has the following requirements can be printed. 1 voltage value.   
2.W type printed "water resistant" or "water resistant 60C". Mark package (mandatory):
1 company name (or CSA contract number, registered trademark / business name).   
2 manufacturing dates (at least to the year and month), or other identifiable encoding. 3 wire type, diameter and number (such as SPT-2 16AWGX3C).


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