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Brief introduction of AC plug DC plug and AC power cord
2016-01-25 19:25:19 admin
Brief introduction of AC DC and AC power line plug plug AC plug (1) main safety certification: UL, CSA, VDE, 3C, KEMA, OVE, CEBEC, BS, NF, SEV, IMQ, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO, SEMKO, SABS, SAA, PSE, KS, IRAM, UCIEE plug type: UL class / IEC class /BS major national power: Japan 110V (rated 125V) Chinese Europe Australia South America 230V (rated 250V) major household plug type: single-phase two pole or three pole AC plug (2) Main: 1-15P, 5-15P; UL plug 1-15R, 5-15R corresponding to the rated current: 10A, 13A, 15A main 3C plug single phase two and three pole corresponding to the rated current: 10A 16A, the main European plug: VDE head, head of France, Switzerland, the head of the BS 3A 5A corresponding to the rated current: 2.5A 13A 16A AC plug (3) between the rated current and UL gauge: 18AWG-10A 16AWG-13A 14 At the same time there is a clear relationship between the AWG-15 and the length of the wire, usually in the range of 0-50FT, in UL 817 for a variety of power line, extended power line, wire and power line are rated for special purposes, the use of specific power control and rated current: 0.75MM and 1.0MM-10A metric gauge 1.5MM-16A AC plug (4) the main safety plug corresponding to the AC: the main safety performance index of UL817 /UL498/ IEC 884 /IEC 320 /VDE 0620 /BS1363/GB2099 IEC AC plug: protection against electric shock, grounding, anti-aging, anti water, main safety performance indicators of harmful moisture, Wen Sheng, mechanical strength, heat resistance, breaking capacity, normal operation, insulation resistance and the electrical strength class UL AC plug: conductor connection strength, insulation connection strength, outside the retention test, safety test, swing test SR The temperature rise test, terminal tensile test, accelerated ageing test, insulation resistance, pressure test, overcurrent protection test AC plug (5) test requirements for safety performance: T - test, S - R - sampling test, routine test which T test mainly aims at the structure and design of special properties (such as waterproof, anti electric shock protection, creepage and clearance distance etc.) - test is generally a confirmation in the stage of product design, or design change and the longer time period, usually one year time which S test is the main consideration of product material and production conditions and the corresponding physical and mechanical strength and the electrical performance test - General in months or weeks or batch unit AC plug (6) the test class R is for every single product must be the implementation of the project, mainly Ensure production process variation not on product function and safety performance problems, mainly contains electrical properties of detecting DC plug (1) currently no unified national and international standards more common along for Japan EIAJ standard main types differentiated according to rated voltage for the use of:


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